Quantity Surveying

The Principal Objectives are:

  • To provide through its members, professional advice to Building Owners, Developers, Public Authorities, Design Consultants and Contractors on all matters relating to quantity surveying in construction costs, management and administration of projects.
  • To collaborate with other professions and organizations in the interests of the Construction Industry.
  • To promote and advance the professional status and gainful employment of Quantity Surveyors.
  • To establish and maintain a high standard of professional competence and integrity by limiting membership to persons who have passed the examinations prescribed by, or acceptable to, the Institute and who have satisfied the requirements of training, practical knowledge, experience and integrity prescribed by the Institute.
  • To promote fellowship and to provide a medium for the interchange of current construction knowledge and other topics of interest to members.
  • To take appropriate action when possible infringements of the aims and objectives of the Institute arise from other sources anywhere in Canada

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